//WHO I AM//
I was a fat kid. One day, I decided enough was enough. I checked out as many books on fitness that my chubby little arms could carry. One good habit led to another, and I became a new person. 
These days, I still run into childhood friends who are baffled to see that I am no longer the pudgy kid they grew up with. I now enjoy the great outdoors: I run, swim, and bike. Recently, as I was doing sprints on the track, I kept repeating to myself, “do it for the fat kid.” A wave of positive energy overcame me as I contemplated how far I’d come. 
I am a product of my trials and triumphs. I know there will be obstacles ahead in the advertising program, but I also know that grown-up me and the little kid inside me will be victorious.

I sell dishwashers. No I don't, that isn't true. But you better believe that if I could get my hands on the creative brief, I would organize a team of creatives to deliver the most incredible, unlike-anything-imaginable, 360 degree campaign the dishwasher industry had ever seen. The client would be estatic, the creatives would get to scratch that itch in the right-side of their brains, and dishwashers would be sold out of stores everywhere.

The same reason you opt for heated leather seats. It makes the ride all the better. I could have chosen a different career path; just to get me from A to B. Something mundane like accounting or statistics or janitorial sciences. Nope, not for me. I want something that will get me leaping out of bed in the morning, excited to put in another day's hard work on a project I'm passionate about. 

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